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Are you looking for support with stress, anxiety, sadness, exhaustion, grief/loss, parenting, or relationship issues? I provide a compassionate space for you to heal, get clear about what you want, or make changes that help you feel joyful again.

I understand that you want to feel comfortable as you sort through complex thoughts or feelings. You want to talk with someone who listens carefully, gets what you are going through, assists you in seeing things in fresh ways, and helps you take positive steps.

If you are being challenged by something tough, getting support can have a significant positive impact. You may find yourself feeling brighter, more energetic, or more at peace. You may notice improved relationships with your partner, children, or friends.

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2801, 2017

5 Ways to Get Young Children to Cooperate with a Task

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One powerful tool to get toddlers or preschoolers to do things with more  and ease is to use “relationship before request” – connect with your child for a few minutes before you ask them to do [...]