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I provide an accepting, encouraging space in which you can explore thoughts and feelings and get clear about next steps. With support, you can feel at ease and take time for yourself to heal from difficult circumstances, reflect on transitions, honor emotions, or take positive steps toward a more joyful, peaceful life. I am warm and compassionate and have a sense of humor, which many people appreciate. A trusting relationship, careful listening, genuine feedback, and solution-focused strategies are important to me. My relationships reflect a deep commitment to being fully present. I love what I do and learn from every person I meet. I admire the way my clients use the process to care for themselves, grow, and be proactive about their lives.
29 08, 2015

Carving Out Space for a Child’s Unique Strengths

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By Erin Leyba, LCSW, PhD One way to delight in children is to know their strengths – inside and out – and provide creative opportunities for them to do the things they really love. Carving out time from busy days to honor children’s beloved activities, unique traits, and favorite interactions helps them thrive. Consciously noticing [...]

29 08, 2015

Unexpected Windows for Bonding With Children

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by Erin Leyba, LCSW, PhD One of the best ways to bond with children is to share joy. When there’s laughter, smiles, silliness, games, or creative play, relationships are strengthened. Other bonding might occur through special one-on-one time, gentle cuddles, or simply spending time together. When we think of bonding with children, we often think [...]