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Counseling for New Moms in Boulder, Colorado

Telehealth Counseling for New Moms in Colorado and Illinois

Counseling for Soulful Mamas

Counseling with Erin Leyba, LCSW, PhD

  • Are you a mom giving so much that you are running on empty?
  • Are you lonely and wishing for deeper connections or friendships?
  • Is stress or the mental load impacting your sleep or mood?
  • Are you dealing with fertility, pregnancy, or health challenges?
  • Do you feel tired or frustrated by aspects of your child’s behavior, even though you love them dearly?
  • Are you torn about or second-guessing parenting decisions?
  • Are you coping with grief from the loss of a parent or loved one on top of everything else?
  • Do you compare yourself to others who seem to “have it all figured out” and feel bad about it?
  • Have some of your relationships with family and friends changed or become hard?
  • Are you wanting to connect more with your kids, but find that stress or other things are getting in the way?
Getting some time just for you, whether to talk things out, recharge, set goals, heal from hurt, acknowledge your strengths, or see things from a fresh perspective can help you feel like yourself again. It can energize you to move forward with clarity and get the spring back in your step.

I see soulful moms who are committed to deepening their relationships with themselves, their partners, friends/family members, and children. They aren’t afraid to work through hard stuff, reflect, and grow to be the most present and alive that they can be. They are conscious thinkers who have never wanted to “just survive,” but rather thrive and live a magical, meaningful, connected life. They value having a compassionate and nonjudgmental space to be themselves.

I am relaxed and direct, and enjoy building strong, genuine relationships. I am dedicated to helping you feel supported, reinstilling hope, seeing things in fresh ways, and discussing strategies that may be helpful. Together, we will identify positive ways for you to deal with your unique life stressors, connect to your strengths and inner wisdom, and enjoy the here and now. A therapist for over 25 years, I provide a warm, accepting space where you can get some time for you.

Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions or would like to book an appointment. Many people report feeling better after just a few visits and say they wish they had come in sooner. I will return your call within 24 hours. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call me at 773-758-4321 or email me at erinleyba (at)
2701, 2021

Science-Backed Ways to Lower Anxiety Amid the Pandemic

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