Couples Counseling in Boulder, CO

couples counselingI help couples who are “drifting apart,” going through transitions, or coping with loss to reconnect and build closeness, communication, and joy.

All couples can benefit from therapy to reduce stress, strengthen communication, and build positive interactions. It can be especially beneficial to attend counseling around life transitions, such as getting married, having a baby, losing a loved one, getting a new job, moving, or dealing with a health issue.

Is a part of you sad, angry, or disappointed about your relationship with your partner? Do you sometimes feel unappreciated? Are you having the same argument over and over? Are you less intimate or romantic? Do you differ on lifestyle or parenting issues? Is it sometimes difficult to communicate with your partner, even though you love each other? Did one of you recently experience a significant loss?

Couples Counseling can help you:

  • Become stronger, happier, and closer to each 
other throughout the process of becoming parents.
  • Avoid becoming only “co-parenting units” by keeping your
 romance and connection alive.
  • Stay mutually supportive as you cope with grief and loss.
  • Consciously approach new or difficult challenges as a team.
  • Express appreciation for each other on a daily basis
  • Communicate about personal feelings, 
conflicts, and decisions.
  • Have more intimacy and romance.
  • Solve everyday problems with kindness between you.
  • Stay connected as a couple, and continually express your love for each 
other through surprises and positive interactions.
  • Become more joyful and lighthearted.

couples staying close with counselingHaving a baby together can be an incredible bonding experience that provides the opportunity to grow and evolve with your partner. However, it can also significantly stress a partnership. 67% of people state that they are actually less satisfied with their partner relationship after they have a baby. There can be more conflicts about chores, sleep, money, sex, romance, communication, parenting styles, family, and work. By proactively improving relationships early on, couples can enjoy a fun, meaningful life together.

I see couples who care about each other and want to make things work, but who are trapped in difficult patterns or dealing with challenging issues. Therapy can help you work out an issue at hand, but it can do more than that. It can help you grow in your ability to express love and care for each other. Couples often let me know that they learn tons of new information about their partner and themselves even in the first meeting. They notice and appreciate the real and refreshing changes that come out of just a few sessions together.

If you’re unable to attend counseling, consider attending one of my Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work © workshops developed by the Gottman Institute.

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