Individual Counseling for New Moms in Boulder, Colorado

Telehealth Counseling in Colorado and Illinois

Are you coping with difficult circumstances or healing from a loss? I help you take time for yourself to explore thoughts or feelings, heal, or pinpoint changes you want to make. I support you as you process transitions, gain clarity or confidence, and develop insights.

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I specialize in counseling for parents. All new parents can benefit from counseling, but it can be especially helpful to get support if you are coping with additional stressors such as health issues, grief/loss, anxiety, or other issues.

individual counseling services for joyful parentingIndividual Counseling Services are for parents who would like to:

  • Manage the unique stresses of being a working or stay at home parent.
  • Heal from depression (including loss of pleasure in activities, issues with eating or sleeping, or persistent feeling of sadness or hopelessness).
  • Develop tools to cope with and alleviate anxiety.
  • Cope with the loss of your parent or other loved one.
  • Figure out how to make yourself happy in the context of your new and vastly different life.
  • Sort through thoughts and feelings regarding unexpected events or significant losses (such as the loss of a parent).
  • Consciously reflect on challenging toddler/preschooler behaviors, developmental issues, patterns, or health issues.
  • Find the humor in parenting, even when things are really tough.
  • Get reconnected to the things you love.
  • Overcome loneliness or isolation.
  • Make intuitive decisions about health, friendships, child care, and priorities.
  • Delve into the artistry of parenting when your children have challenging temperaments, health issues, or developmental issues.
  • Reflect on emotional, social, and financial challenges of taking time off work.
  • Develop a more complete understanding of your unique graces, strengths, and gifts.

11902504_10206461426628379_5486130266098593559_nCareful listening, compassion, and genuine feedback are important to me. I provide a respectful, supportive place for you to take time for yourself and get clear on next steps.

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