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“Love this book. When my wife and I are having a rough day with our twins we carve out a couple of minutes to get some much needed insight and inspiration!” ~ Amazon Customer

Joy Fixes for Weary Parents is the guide we have all been hoping for. Filled with practical ideas and research-based tips, this book will breathe life into your parenting. Erin is a sage whose words, wisdom, and honesty are sure to fill your days with more joy and less stress.” ~ Mandy Arioto, president and CEO of Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) International, author of Starry-Eyed: Seeing Grace in the Unfolding Constellation of Life and Motherhood

“What I love about Joy Fixes for Weary Parents is that it shows how to craft the life you love with your children—even during those bleary, weary parenting moments—by inviting a large dose of wisdom and humor into the equation. . . This book gives you hope as you undertake one of the most meaningful and challenging journeys of a life well lived: parenting. Highly recommended!” ~ Donald Altman, author of The Mindfulness Toolbox, One-Minute Mindfulness, and 101 Mindful Ways to Build Resilience

“Optimism, humor, depth, raw honesty and straightforward approach to “telling it like it is.” I have been learning so much from this book. Almost five years into motherhood, I am ready to claim more joy in my life. As many parents know, becoming a parent for the first time can be a complete re-orientation to yourself and your life, and can leave you disoriented at times . . . Even in just the past few days since I started reading the book, I am feeling more joy and less anxiety around parenting. I am finding myself savoring the magical moments, and finding more ease in the mundane moments . . . I am so grateful for the arrival of this book in my life.” ~ Tabby Biddle, author of Find Your Voice: A Woman’s Call to Action

“A couples counselor’s advice on keeping romance, humor, love and laughter alive! What family doesn’t need that?” ~ Emma Seppälä, PhD, Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence, author of The Happiness Track

“On any given day, at anytime, I can open to a random page in this wonderful book and find an idea, a strategy, or a pathway to a better relationship with my daughter. It is filled with wisdom and offers parents practical tools for balance and self-love. I highly recommend the book.” ~ Therese Rowley, PhD, author of Mapping a New Reality: Discovering Intuitive Intelligence

“Full of great ideas and stories. Parenting can wear you out – but this book helps you to celebrate the adventure and seek out the joy in everyday life. Embracing this way of thinking can be life-changing for you and your family. A treasure trove of insightful sparks written with humor and playfulness.” ~ Amazon Customer

“Research sources that Leyba notes are impressive and clear. . . Helpful, complete, and clearly written by someone who knows what they are talking about. I wish it were available when my children were young. Truly a worthwhile read.”      ~ Marilyn Dalrymple

“This is a “must read” for parents of young children, but I think anyone can benefit from the wit, wisdom, practical advice, and ideas shared here in a most helpful and caring way. This really is a guidebook into finding the joy in relationships with partners, family, friends, but most especially with children . . . I think this book would help parents relax, enjoy, and smile a lot more. I highly recommend!” ~ Amazon Customer

“Highly recommended for the parenting shelf!” ~ Midwest Book Review

“Grieving your former life; rebel against the “shoulds”; stop kicking your own ass; parent-kid date nights; parent-parent date nights; how to get your kids to cooperate; many, many more great ideas.” ~ Armin Brott, Positive Parenting

“A joy booster – quick, punchy, easy-to-jump-into chapters.” ~ Minnesota Parent

“Actual, helpful, useable ideas to restore balance and ease back into your life after becoming a parent. You could even take each chapter and use it as a task for each week of a year, season, etc. Non-judgmental, non-preachy and not faith-driven, which is a miracle in the parenting help section these days. This is something I’ll be coming back to repeatedly as my kids grow.” ~ Jamie, Good Reads



Modern parenting presents fresh challenges, including unrelenting time pressures, lack of support systems, and work demands, that often leave parents drained and worn-out. Erin Leyba, the mother of three young children, has been counseling parents on these issues for almost twenty years. She has developed techniques that help parents not only cope but also feel joy — in their parenting and in their relationships with their partners. Leyba draws from the latest research about child development, attachment, successful marriages, and mindfulness to create effective, doable solutions for balancing, simplifying, and communicating. She presents powerful tools that parents can use right away to de-stress, stay energized, and create more warmth and passion with loved ones. Whether new, veteran, overwhelmed, exhausted, or just interested in doing better than they are, parents will find proven help here.

Joy Fixes helps parents:

  • notice and savor the joy, love, and grace around them;
  • visualize what they want their lives and identities to be like
  • be inspired to nurture themselves, forgive themselves, love themselves, laugh at themselves, and reward themselves;
  • use mindfulness to stay in their “higher selves” or their “second consciousness;”
  • deepen intuition; and
  • strengthen relationships with kids, partners, and other loved ones

Publisher: New World Library, April, 2017