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Counseling with Erin Leyba

Counseling for Women in Transition

Are you feeling called to make a move, but are feeling scared or unsure? Are you embarking on a big life transition, such as a new baby, move, or new phase of your career? In the process, do you want to not just “get through it” but identify ways to thrive, grow, and live your best life, even through challenges? I get how hard change can be. Getting some time just for you, whether to talk things out, recharge, set goals, acknowledge your strengths, or see things from a fresh perspective can help you thrive through a major life change.
You may be who are dealing with unique stressors such as:
  • the loss of a parent or other loved one,
  • career and life transitions (including having a child or moving),
  • health issues,
  • infertility or pregnancy issues,
  • parenting a child with special needs or concerns,
  • stress and grief/loss due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic
  • friendship changes and challenges, and
  • marriage issues (including drifting apart or problems with communication/connection).
Having a compassionate, nonjudgmental space to reflect and talk things out can lighten your load, help you heal, and energize you about what’s next. I believe that, at times, everyone can benefit from the powerful space to reflect that counseling provides. I will help you take time for yourself to heal from a loss, process feelings, address patterns, or move from a “stuck” place into one of more clarity, peace, or happiness.
I am relaxed and direct, and enjoy building strong, genuine relationships. I am dedicated to helping you feel supported, reinstilling hope, seeing things in fresh ways, and discussing strategies that may be helpful. Together, we will identify positive ways for you to deal with your unique life stressors, connect to your strengths and inner wisdom, and enjoy the here and now. A therapist for over 20 years, I provide a warm, accepting space where you can get some time for you.
Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions or would like to book an appointment. Many people report feeling better after just a few visits and say they wish they had come in sooner. I will return your call within 24 hours. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call me at 773-758-4321 or email me at erinleyba (at)
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